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Opt for gardening at height and contact us to define the interior of your dome!

In a world where food autonomy is a real social issue, we propose an innovative, sustainable, autonomous, ecological and aesthetic concept. Discover us!

28 years ago Udgar and Puja Parsons created Growing Spaces in Colorado, USA.

Udgar Parsons invented a design garden greenhouse with unique specifics and began building Growing Dome.



With Growing Domes in 14 countries and 50 states in the United States, Growing Spaces is still in operation and its founders have just passed the batton to take a well-deserved retirement at 72 and 75 years of age.

Ten years ago, Julien Verchere in association with M and Mrs. Parsons, created "Les Serres Dômes ®" in France, moving from San Diego to the South of France, then founding its headquarters in Auvergne to build and sell their concept.

Les Serres Dômes ®, a perfect way to garden and feed people with fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, all over the world, in all weathers and using no electricity or fossil energy.

The concept of Greenhouse Domes has become an indispensable tool for greedy gardeners and aware of the problems caused by the environment and intensive cultivation.

In addition, the kit allows energy independence through its systems that do not use electricity but allow for example an automatic opening of windows, and improving the quality of life by offering both a healthy alternative to chemically altered foods and genetically modified and a peaceful and private sanctuary to consider as his.

To understand what we are talking about refer to this sentence that you can find on Growing Spaces website:

The Growing Dome is a state of the art greenhouse perfected over 25 years of business. Its unique and innovative design means the Growing Dome requires little or no heating, as it links to the natural power of the sun to empower your own indoor garden. The dome shape is immensely strong and wind friendly. Our Growing Dome Greenhouse withstood over 130mph winds and over 8ft of snow in a single storm! "

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