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The first greenhouse design feature is, of course, the Geodesic shape of our Greenhouse. While it is a beautifully shaped building, its real beauty lies in its strength. The triangle shapes forming the Greenhouse-Dome create a geometric pattern of strength not replicated in a simple rectangular shape. 
SOLAR INPUT: The curved surface of the Geodesic Dome allows for a very even heat input by the sun throughout the day. A rectangular greenhouse has a large flat area sloping south allowing a larger amount of sunlight to come in at mid-day, whereas in the early morning and late afternoon the light input is negligible.
WIND & SNOW: The spherical shape is incredibly wind friendly as the wind simply flows around it. The round shape also handles snow effortlessly because it allows snow to slide off naturally. . 


Double or triple-walled polycarbonate glazing panels are strong, energy efficient and long lasting. UV treated on both side. 10 years warranty offered by the manufacturer. 90% light transmission for optimal plant growth. Plants flourish under the soft diffused sunlight entering the Dome.  


This helps keep the Dome cozy during the long winter nights and reflects light evenly onto the plants for maximum growth. Provides shade in the summer and in combination with the water tank, helps prevent overheating. 


Solar powered actuators open the upper and lower vents at a preset temperature. Hot air escapes from the top of the Dome, creating a "chimney" effect, drawing in cold air through the lower vents, which prevents overheating. The window vents close automatically, freeing you to go on vacation without worry. 8,9m diameter Dome comes with one solar power fan. The larger Domes have 240V cooling fans that are automatically regulated, or have additional windows vents. 


A large water tank acts as the "Power Pack" of the Dome. The water mass keeps the Dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer creating optimum environment for year 'round growth. Can be used for aquatic plants or for growing fish. 


A solar panel produces electricity to power a fan which blows air through pipes buried in the raised beds; making the air circulate from under the soil to inside of the dome. In winter, when the sun shines, your soil is being heated by the air coming from the Dome, while in Summer fan brings fresh air from under the soil to inside the dome : A unique feature that makes year 'round growing a reality. 
Raised bed gardening is simple and easy on the back! 


The Dome sits on a foundation fir Douglas wall which allows to set up beds and raises the Dome up above the snow. This wall is insulated to prevent the soil beds from freezing. 

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