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La Serre Dôme ® is a greenhouse sold in kit, ready to be installed by its owner or by a team of Les Serres Dômes.


The structure of the dome is Douglas fir from the valley of L'Azergues, (section 90x37 mm) naturally rot and treated against UV. The structural elements are ready to be assembled using aluminum hubs.
The structure of the dome is guaranteed 10 years.

The dome rests on a wall 60 cm high consisting of a wooden frame covered on the outside with natural composite cement guaranteed for 10 years without maintenance. An insulating hemp fiberglass garnished inside the structure. The inner side is closed by a galvanized sheet to install planters. The sections of the basement wall are delivered assembled. The number of sections depends on the size of the greenhouse.

Standard quality
The dome liner consists of triangular rigid polycarbonate double wall plates 10mm thick, ready to install. It is anti-UV treated on each side. It has a life expectancy of 15 to 30 years and the manufacturer guarantees it 10 years against yellowing and hail damage.

Premium quality
The dome lining consists of triangular rigid polycarbonate triple wall plates of 16mm thickness ready to be installed. It has superior insulation qualities to standard quality. It is anti-UV treated on each side. It has a life expectancy of 15 to 30 years and the manufacturer guarantees it against yellowing and hail damage for 10 years.


Insulation North
Pre-cut Reflectix® insulation panels are provided to protect the north-facing side from winter losses. These panels are installed inside the structure and cover two fifths of the dome. The reflective surface increases the light available inside.

Automatic ventilation
Cylinders using solar energy open the upper and lower aerators avoiding the overheating of the dome in summer. The temperature is adjustable and the cylinders work by the expansion with the heat of a tube of compressed wax. Domes 7.90 meters in diameter are delivered with a thermostatic fan running on solar energy. Larger domes are equipped with fans that require 220 V power, or additional openings.

• Central air system

In the central air system (also known as an undersoil heating and cooling system), a small fan draws air through pipes buried in the raised beds; making the air circulate from under the soil to inside of the dome. In winter, when the sun shines, your soil is being heated by the air coming from the dome, while in Summer fan brings fresh air from under the soil to inside the dome. The passive solar greenhouse kit contains the fan, distribution box, a solar panel to power the fan, and the pipes to be buried in the soil. The length of the pipes provided depends on the size of the dome ordered. 

Above ground pond

The main thermal mass of the passive solar Dome greenhouses is a large elliptical shaped above ground pond for the 15 feet (4,5m.) to 26 feet (7,9m.) Domes. Round ponds are standard for the two larger Dome greenhouses. Pre-drilled brackets, hardware, a pond liner sheet metal and lumber are provided in our geodesic greenhouse kits. The pond in the year-round greenhouse can be used as a water garden to grow aquatic plants and fish and is a critical feature of the Growing Dome’s passive solar design. 

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