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Available Options

Our dome is purchased as a complete kit designed to be mounted by its owner. However, the planters or the interior layout are not part of it.

The planters
The round shape of these greenhouses lends itself to the realization of circular planters that come to lean on the inner perimeter of the greenhouse, protected by a galvanized steel sheet. These planters are made of Douglas Pine perfectly adapting to the esthetics of your greenhouse and guaranteeing a similar life to that of the greenhouse dome .... They allow you to garden at 60 cm in height which is very significant for the back. A width of 1 meter is recommended for walkways. These achievements are illustrated below and can be adapted according to your desires.


• Rate : starting at 1 000 €

The central growing bed

The central growing bed is made with the same essence as the planters, it can also be modulated according to your desires, greenhouses greater than 7.9M easily suitable for the installation of central island in the form of "Pacman" to install garden accessories or garden furniture and easily reach the center of the central growing bed.

• Rate: starting at 1 000 €

The door

It is possible to add a door or choose a door with a larger opening.

The opening of standard doors is 84 cm. There are 2 options:
• a standard wheelchair door opening 90 cm or more,
• a door 2 wings, opening up to 124 cm.

Kit contains:  standard door, dome fixing frame and polycarbonate.
In all cases contact us to determine if the size of the dome allows the door width that suits you.

The Automatic Vents

Adding a window to the base of the dome is an option available to improve ventilation in the summer.
The kit includes:
• aluminum frame window, poly 16mm
• the automatic opening solar cylinder
• the fixing bar and the strong wind safety devices.

• Rate: starting at 150 €

The shade sail

The best way to avoid overheating in the summer is to cover a part of the dome with a shade sail.The sails provided obscure 65-70% of the light. They are supplied with hooks to fix the anchoring points in the wood structure inside the dome and carabiners for easy installation and storage of the sail during the winter.

• Rate : 150 € ~ 375 €


If you live in High Mountain and the winter temperatures are very tough, it may be necessary to heat your greenhouse. Les Serres Dômes have chosen the Thermibox propane heater. It is a simple and economical way. There is no need for evacuation, combustion produces water vapor and CO2, which is good for plants. It is better to have an outside air intake.

• Rate : 300€ (not including propane bottle)

The solar fan

This Kit equips the domes of 7.9 m in diameter. The 12V fan is powered by a 20W solar panel. (fan diameter 350mm, flow rate 1000m3 / h)
The kit includes:
• 12V fan, 3 speeds,
• a thermostat,
• the fixing frame,
• Extractor hood for outside air and protection.

 Rate : 330 €

The mains fan

Large domes from 10m in diameter are equipped with this 350W fan that operates at 230V, blade diameter 450 mm, flow 4000m3 / h for a delta P of 100Pa
The kit includes:
• the fan and the mounting box,
• a thermostat, a switch and a junction box, ready for connection,
• the inner shutter and protection flap.
• Extractor hood for outside air and protection.

• Rate: 850 

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